The Big(ger) Picture

The Big(ger) Picture

God’s mercy when He has to grab me by the shirttail and say, “Whoa up!” is amazing to me, each and every time. Like this time. This particular “whoa” involved a trip to the hospital with my husband.  What could have been a heart attack or a return of some very serious bleeding ulcers turned out to be none of the above.  It’s still a definite “whoa,” but it was a “whoa” I needed to hear.  I’m thankful, though, that He kept a gentle but firm hand on the reins when He delivered it.

This particular “whoa” has also caused me to think about the Whole Farm Planning I was preparing to do with my husband and kids.  Whole farm planning is essentially much like the strategic planning used by businesses and organizations.  You put together a core group (in the case of family farms, that’s usually the family).  Then you go through a series of steps, one of which is goal setting.

The “whoa” we have just gone through is going to change a lot of my personal answers in that goal setting step as we work to find ways to make things less physically stressful for my husband and more physically achievable for me and the kids.  It should be interesting! I’ll try to be more diligent in my chronicle keeping and hope you’ll follow along!

Meanwhile, here’s an updated view of our goals to date:

Dreaming Out Loud – Plans are always subject to adjustments and change, but this is where we are hoping to be in five years. Wish us luck!!